Some People Make Me Feel Stupid

Maybe some days I am stupid, I have never claimed to be a know it all. Or maybe some know how to manipulate better than I do. Or maybe I am not stupid at all and they are the people that are actually stupid, after all they have to earn money from people like me… So who is Stupid?!!?!
Last week was one of those weeks I do not care to relive. I was in and out of one situation to another each day.
Attorneys are the worst at trying to make you feel stupid. And to add insult to injury I got one that looks like this one guy that I absolutely hated when he was alive and having him tell me what to do was the worst.
And the phone calls, they stop when someone owes you. Not a couple dollars but big money. I am not stupid, I know they are not answering so they cant be asked for the money, but see what comes next Miss ignore my calls.
The stupid landlady, she wont know if anyone moved in. Uh! Yes I do pass this house often.
Waiting and waiting and waiting on the mail. Hanging on a nail waiting for the letter. Looked for the appointment hoping it does not fall on a working day. This does make me feel stupid, letting the mail control me like this.
Someone comes up asking did I want limestone work done! What? I am in the freaking woods, does the grass and mud driveway not tell you something? He thinks I am stupid as he cases out the place, looking under the totally trashed out shed. No so stupid Mister thief. I may have worked myself half to death but now a car parks in there and the trash is gone. I hope he seen those cameras.
One tenant gone. I reckon I am 100% stupid for allowing her to rent from me for the second time around. Knowing how unclean she can be. Was I feeling desperate a year ago? Maybe.
A week of stupidity or not?
By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry

2 thoughts on “Some People Make Me Feel Stupid

  1. Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie February 4, 2018 — 8:25 pm

    Sometimes we make bad judgements when giving people a second chance. You my dear are far from being stupid that is for sure. Things will work out they way they are meant to. Thieves always get caught.

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  2. Angie…you are kind, not stupid and giving people a second chance is in your nature and that is not a bad thing …It is the others who need to learn lessons in life not you 🙂 x


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