I Do Have Multiple Personalities

Living with Angie can be one hot mess or you could be intrigued. Now you may wonder why I am talking about myself as though I am not here… Well I am! I don`t have split personalities I just have many all wadded into me and they can change when needed. Plus I don`t talk like this about myself often.
Okay, let me just get down to it before you think I am in need of a straight jacket.
Since I am blond, the real thang and a little bottle mixed together people often mistake me for being stupid. I was once told I have a high IQ but I think those people just wanted me to learn more and that was their way of manipulating me, I feel no smarter than anyone else but stupid I am not.
Since I have been known for a potty mouth some mistake me for not being religious. I was born and raised in the Church, Southern Baptist. I love God and Jesus and don`t care who knows.
Since I love to joke around and laugh some mistake me for being a push over. But they soon find out I am not when they try to run over me.
Most people don`t think about how many personalities they do have, and its true we do have many and each one comes out when needed.
Explain? ….. Sure I will! 🙂
I am a caregiver so I have to be calm and learn to have a poker face and no tears. I have to learn terms some have and never will have heard of. I also will learn what type of medication is used to treat many types of illnesses.
I am a landlady so I have to have be kind but stern, I have to know when to act and when to just let it go. I have to tune out work when I leave the area so their lives do not intertwine with mine.
I am a homesteader so I have to make time to get outside and get dirty, dig in the dirt and make food, to take care of me.
More about Homesteading?  click here : Getting off the grid
I am a cook so I make up recipes or try recipes and they suck so I redo them and make them taste good, I have to remember portion sizes so I will not be overweight.
More about Cooking? click here : Cooking with Angie
I am a minimalist and I hate clutter and dust. But I have to know what the right amount of things are needed.
I am a hoarder and I have to remember not to hoard to many home canned foods. And to think before buying clothes or books.
More about Hoarding?  click here : My Minimal Hoarding Life
I have a wee bit of an attorney, police and investigator in me, sometimes those personalities pop out.
I am an author because of so many personalities! I can just let them all go wild on paper. One day I hope you get to read a leather bound copy of all those people.
How about you? How many do you have?
By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry

3 thoughts on “I Do Have Multiple Personalities

  1. Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie January 29, 2018 — 12:47 pm

    We all have to be many different people depending on what is going on and who we are with.


  2. I wear different hats as well which is what we say as do many of us 🙂


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